Université de Liège

Liège is a lively town with a great cultural tradition. It is close to the capital of Europe, Brussels, and on the border of the picturesque Ardennes region.

Founded in 1817, the University of Liège, the French-speaking part of Belgium, is the only public community-sponsored university offering a complete range of university courses at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in different disciplines.

The quality and originality of the research work (pure and applied) has received international recognition. In particular the fields of space research, biotechnology and materials research (including polymers and nanostructures) have gained recognition.

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The Physics Department of ULg has two main research groups: Photonics and Materials, a group that shares common facilities with the Chemistry Department.

The Chemistry Department has 11 research teams. Both departments are equipped with up to date instrumentation. Equipment available includes advanced microscopy, biospectroscopies, mass spectrometry, NMR, Raman and Mössbauer spectroscopies, laser techniques and computing facilities.

In addition, both departments are strongly involved in many European and international research programs and are active members of larger structures of the University in Materials and Life Sciences.

Full Member.
FAME master Contact : Duy NGUYEN
IDS Funmat Contact : Philippe GHOSEZ
Materials Physics Group Contact:
Laboratoire de Chimie Inorganique Structurale
Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Chimie Physique théorique (CPT)
Centre d’étude sur les macromolécules (CERM)
Inorganic Chemsitry Laboratory (LCIS)
Laboratoire d’hystologie-cytologie
Nanochemistry and molecular Systems (NMS)