Université de Bordeaux 1

In the Aquitaine region, heiress of Montaigne and Montesquieu, a region which has worldwide renown for its wines, is situated the Bordeaux 1 University.

This university has a high standard of research and teaching in many scientific fields (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Marine Sciences, etc.) in relation with aeronautics and space industry and more recently with the implementation of the Megajoule Laser, the world’s most energetic laser.

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As an important economical and social player in the Aquitaine region, Bordeaux 1 University has privileged links with a number of both public (Regional council, towns such as Talence, Pessac and Gradignan) and private partners. A key element behind the standing of Bordeaux 1 is the overhang of knowledge through outstanding research towards emerging entrepreneurial projects, and the development of technological innovation. On this account the university is careful to further reinforce its industrial partnerships (large groups, PME, PMI) and to encourage entrepreneurial expansion through the new Carnot Materials Institute of Bordeaux (MIB), the Aquitaine Regional Incubator and several business centers close to the campus.

Improving the capacity for students to integrate into professional life and increasing their prospects, particularly regionally, represents one of the university’s priority missions. Therefore the university has established numerous relationships with local and international partners in more than 30 foreign countries (European countries, USA, Japan, Korea, India, China, Russia, etc.).

Lastly, by coordinating the European Network of Excellence Functionalized Advanced Materials and Engineering of hybrids and ceramics (FAME), the University of Bordeaux 1 and the French National Centre for Research (CNRS) which already welcome a great number of foreign students and researchers, intend to strongly enhance their international collaborations for both education and research.

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FAME master Contact : Michael JOSSE
IDS Funmat Contact : Laurent SERVANT
Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (ISM) Contact :
Centre de Physique Moléculaire Optique et Hertzienne
Chimie et Biologie des membranes et nanoobjets (CBMN)
laboratoire du Futur: (LoF)