Research Fields

FAME-master partners are active in multifunctional materials research.

Our research activities in functional materials include the main following topics dealing with :

multiferroics polymers heterogeneous catalysis
ferroelectrics coatings photocatalysis
piezoelectrics solid state ionics photovoltaics
photoactive materials biomaterials nano-materials
sensors and actuators composites metamaterials
magnetism optics transparent conductors
  • At the origin the idea was to bring together the research communities of functional ceramics and organic-inorganic hybrid materials.
  • Equally fruitful is the collaboration between experimentalists and experts in computer modelling, in particular modelling of size-driven properties in nano-objects.
  • As is most of today’s materials science, research topics sustaining the FAME-master are characterised by their interdisciplinarity, with research from backgrounds in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics engineering and other disciplines.

FAME-master covers a large range of techniques in materials processing, for example :

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  • thin film deposition
  • sol-gel processing
  • plasma technologies
  • surface modification
  • polymerisation
  • self assembly technologies
  • nano-powders
  • supercritical fluids
  • ... and others