Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes : knowledge, skills & competences

What would you learn?

At the end of the two-year FAME Master program, the graduate students will be able to:

  • Take responsibility for an industrial research or development project
  • Start Ph.D.studies
  • Reinforce the research teams within the consortium or in industrial, university laboratories in their countries of origin as well as in similar institutions world-wide
  • Adapt easily to working in new countries/new cultures
  • Work in international networks as required by an increasingly globalized industrial and scientific environment
  • Transfer their knowledge to other students and work as a multiplicator, especially in their home countries
  • Integrate multinational work teams (industry or universities) with the advantage of the language skills and cultural knowledge gained during the Master program


The following skills will be developed as a result of the Master course:

  • Improved knowledge in the field of Materials Science, especially in the fields of ceramics and hybrids
  • Improved capacity of integration both into an industrial R&D team or at an University Laboratory. Most importantly, the specific partnerships with industry most of the academic research teams of the FAME network offer, paves the way for a broader scientific/technical knowledge of modern aspects of industrial integration of academic research.
  • Acquisition of a European culture, including fluency in the English language, mobility as well as the basics of languages and culture of the countries visited
  • Acquisition of a true knowledge of the meaning of applied research on an European scale


Beside the academic knowledge, students have to acquire the following issues:

  • Use of the modern information technologies (videoconference, working on the Internet, etc.
  • Contacts to industrial partners involved in the FAME network.
  • Networking as they will be implied in at least two universitiesimage